Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Last Suppers

Last Suppers

If I will choose,

with a chance

before dying,

I will ask

for a taste

of sticky rice

of poi with chili pepper water, alaea and onion

of sourdough


of ripe raw strawberries

of olives

of lemon grass and coconut milk

of butterfish collar

of stilton and apple dumplings

of chawanmushi

of espresso, brown sugar and steamed milk

of pipi kaula

of chocolate chocolate


of mango

of dinuguan and pinakbet

of lilikoi malasadas

of minute chicken

cake noodle with piles of choi sum

of key lime pie

of poke with kukui, ogo and shoyu

of tears and sea

of wind and loving

wrapped around mountains

of sand and rain

of ghosts and spirits

myths and legends

of ancestors and legacy

of friendship and motherhood

of one look

at Olomana sleeping under trees in sun

after a storm.