Thursday, January 6, 2011


This was written ages ago, but given that I was recently told that men prefer women to be weak and unsubstantial this seemed an appropriate response.
May we learn from our creations....

When adam gave his ribs for me
He left the left side of his chest defenseless
His flesh like drum skin stretched taught and delicate
A finger pressed could bruise the rhythm of his heart
I have wondered what he wished for
When he surrendered sanctioned cages for me

I know he found a sparring partner
Because I was born from a rigid bone protection
I do not know how to yield
I was made to walk through fire without melting     
They will model skyscrapers from the formation of my skeleton
Built to withstand tidal forces born in abysses cracking the center of the world

For a thousand millennia I remember life as a speculation
A hypothetical conundrum
We talked for hours about every possibility just out of reach
Philosophy has no teeth when there is no risk
When every fall lands soft 
When wounds give no pain
When love is effortless
Even the sacred is a prison when you cannot leave
When each step is a delivered diagram drawn by divine intervention
This was not living

When time wore mere existence thin
Transparent to the naked eye
I wanted to break bones
I wanted to rub nerve endings raw with need
I wanted to discover gravity when I fell
No caution to catch me short

I bit into rebellion and its taste was sweet
A perfectly ripened fruit
So succulent I could not hold it all to myself
This was my gift to adam
He could not say no
He too saw the other side of paradise
We saw together
Destruction yawning wide through its middle
And even the harbinger of a wild grief did not diminish her beauty

This was the first time I looked on my lover
This was the first time I saw him
And I ached defenseless on the left side of my chest
As I gave up my rib for another
There was a new life cocooned and aflame in my center
This was my genesis
The bare foot hills to a zenith only imagined for ten thousand centuries
I see it now before me
Here are the endless generations it will take to reach the summit
I am terrified and it is glorious
And this is only the beginning

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