Monday, April 26, 2010

NaPoWriMo Number Eleven

Yet another Winterson Translation.....and yea!!! I'm caught up!

Acrostic: Hanging on Comfortable

Water runs away from our razor limbs grasping through hard pan
In secret codes and calligraphed pictorials we are searching through
Nothing to find lemon ink over a blue flame. In parchment, we find
Time and life after life after life starting two hundred miles from
Earth’s surface. This is where the story begins, in threadbare
Rooms with sledgehammered walls, and wide eyes turning outside to
Stars and moons swinging orbits in this room. The sun is
Our lamplight, our bedtime story hanging on a comfortable rung, but
Nearsighted fingers are archaeological brushes reading
Our past as a foreign country.
Now open doors to burst wide where rivers break dams and roads
Turn in spaghetti twists of unexpected directions
Here, you will find us with the big earth
Expanding to a star under the half moon of our arms
But don’t stop running. It’s late
Outside. Something expects us, and I
Don’t know happy endings, or what they look like together, but give me
Your hand and grasp here we are let loose in a field.

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