Monday, April 12, 2010

NaPoWriMo Number Twelve

I've missed the last two days of the 30/30 challenge. I plan on making up those two missing links within the next two days, but this poem for day number twelve is day number twelve from the moment the alarm went off this morning. I'm hoping it acts as something cathartic that turns this day around, but who knows. Best to all who read this, and raise a glass to worlds of small things.

Today is a world of small things
                of perpetual first steps on the wrong side of the bed
                of lost jackets and sleep
                of too many deadlines and not enough time
                of everyone’s clock running five minutes faster than mine
Today I am
                two left feet that can’t agree
                ten supposable thumbs hitchhiking in ten different directions
                not enough caffeine mixed with too much anxiety
                left eye blinded blurry with dry
Today I have
                forgotten to eat
                forgotten eye drops that make the dry go away
                forgotten headphones that block out today
                forgotten what I forgot but remembered it was important
                anyway                BUT
Today I am not worried
about the meteor that might be soaring in our direction
about the national debt
about social security when I’m old enough to claim it
about  armageddons, apocalypses, the end of time or whatever you chose to name it
Today is a world of small things


  1. Keep it up, Lyz. I greatly admire your energies and dedication(s). aloha, Susan