Saturday, April 24, 2010

NaPoWriMo Number Twenty-One

playing catch up as fast i can...


we live as someone as
long as someone remembers
in burned glass optic mass blinking
to synapse lashed into twine vines
from my wrist my stories braided
twist to my toes I am foot bound
to neck rings shifting my clavicle
to my rib curved to clasp this cup this
spoon please feed me a history and breath
I am suppered in a task of remembering
me masked in a stranger’s past unhinged by
estranged genetic codes breaking bread
to halves to quarters to eighths
to quantum drops which skin should I slip
in today when they can’t find me
a blood match with my metal splintered
from land mass to land massed
fortunes from passing wisdom to this
aerial root swinging from dislocated
trunks asking is she still living in me
remembering her body ashes that were
milled as a last trashed task of life

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