Sunday, April 25, 2010

NaPoWriMo Number Twenty-Three

A bitter angel kept me in a small minute
he said only the gall matters trimmed thin by
this blade he took a picture of sadness gave
me a slide show sitting on Phoebe you are
just another impact insignificant as Iapetus he
said you are cracked like Enceladus he said brushed
my hair behind ears you could be Hyperion
or Titan or Mimas or Dione or Tethys but
no you are Pandora with a glory box you
cannot shut your hand your eyes too opened too
wide to unfold your letter your
alphabet too large and sharp if we cut curves
from your mouth if we slice away smiles
into mineral into rock his granite feathers
carved me a glyph named me grief fed me
empty made me open my glory box open me
unlocked find me nothing but lost.

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